Make practicing easier with e-Prescribing! 

E-prescribing is a key component of Meaningful Use as outlined in the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.  More than half of NextGen Healthcare’s clients are using e-prescribing, and more and more clinicians submit prescriptions electronically every day.  With an integrated electronic health record, like everything else with NextGen Healthcare it’s as easy as point and click! Clinicians can even submit refill requests with e-prescribing.

Patients and providers benefit 

NextGen® Ambulatory EHR has featured e-prescribing functionality for years, but the ease of use has really evolved.  E-prescribing is integrated into our EHR Medication Management Module.  Before the widespread adoption of e-prescribing, prescribers had to enter prescriptions, print out the script, and fax it to the pharmacy. Now, prescriptions can be sent electronically, directly to the patient’s pharmacy in minutes.  Our software has thousands of pharmacies in its database, and thousands of pharmacies now accept e-prescribing. E-prescribing can also prevent fraudulent prescriptions of controlled substances.  The prescription is securely sent directly to the pharmacy and the patient picks it up.

The benefits of electronic prescriptions don’t stop with the provider, either.  Patients love the convenience of e-prescriptions.  E-prescribing also means easy prescription management.  Patients save a trip to the pharmacy to drop off prescriptions.  For patients taking maintenance medications, providers can submit 90-day prescriptions directly to mail order pharmacies.  Plus, if patients are traveling and need prescriptions, they can call or email the doctor’s office, who will submit the prescription electronically to a pharmacy nearby.

Click here to see an e-prescribe demo. 

Surescripts: Your e-Prescribing partner

Surescripts and NextGen Healthcare have partnered to make e-prescribing effortless for our clients.  Surescripts is a national company that serves as an electronic clearinghouse that allows physicians to communicate electronically with pharmacies.  Patient prescription information is securely, safely, and quickly transmitted between the physician’s office and the pharmacy.  With e-prescribing, you can also electronically:

  • access a patient’s prescription benefit information, both formulary and eligibility
  • access a patient’s medication history
  • route prescriptions to their patient’s choice of pharmacy as well manage prescription renewals

Along with electronically submitting prescriptions, Surescripts offers a medication history feature that allows a clinician to see, at a glance, all the prescriptions the patient has received.  This feature can be invaluable for providers tracking the progress of patients with chronic conditions, or if your practice treats patients struggling with substance abuse.

Ready to get started? 

If you’re already using NextGen Ambulatory EHR, you’re halfway to e-prescribing. Just submit a support ticket to get started.  There’s nothing to buy and there are no fees to activate your e-prescribing functionality.

If your practice hasn’t yet implemented an electronic health record, learn how NextGen Ambulatory EHR can help you provide better care and get you better clinical and financial results.