In the beginning  

It all began with Meaningful Use Stage 1 (MU1) back in 2010. So you bought your first EHR to get in on the deal…$44k per doctor, not bad for a “little” practice disruption… right?  Now that we’re ramping up for MU 2, Meaningful Use Stage 1 seems like old news.  It’s hard to believe there will be an MU3, MU4 and MU5.

So, it started with MU and the financial incentives associated with each stage. But with each new stage, meeting MU criteria becomes more complex and requires more time, resources, and the best of breed HIT to get the job done.

  • Are you unable to keep up with the ever-increasing requirements?
  • Is your EHR’s performance falling short?
  • Have you outgrown your current EHR?  

It’s not surprising if you answered yes to these questions. You’re not alone. Welcome to the 50% club of providers who are “dissatisfied with their current EHR.”

50% says a lot!

Nearly half of all providers are unsatisfied with their EHR.

Back in the day, providers needed systems that had just enough functionality to qualify for the MU1 incentives.  Today, providers are finding their systems lacking and they are frustrated. In fact, beyond frustration!  Providers are “outgrowing” the limited functionality of their first EHR investment. In addition, providers are dealing with rapidly obsolete or inadequate systems that won’t qualify them to meet MU2 certification.

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Keeping up with the industry pace  

Keeping up with the evolving and increasingly complex healthcare reform measures and mandates fundamental to MU, PCMH, ACO and value-based care delivery models in general is no small undertaking. That’s why providers today need an EHR partner who is keeping pace with all the requirements and has the technology to support them. They will need a system with more robust functionality and enriched clinical content such as that embedded in NextGen Healthcare’s 8 series EHR. Keep in mind, as MU evolves, financial compliance “incentives” will ultimately transform into financial “penalties.” Without the right EHR solution, providers are going to feel the pain where it counts- in their bottom line.

Another major consideration is interoperability, which is fundamental to enabling collaborative, accountable care. The more providers that are connected, the more valuable the provider network becomes for each sender and receiver. A disconnected healthcare entity can impact the success rates for other providers within the community ready to support MU2 standards and manage population health.

NextGen clients have received hundreds of millions of dollars in MU incentives (over $390M as of April, 2013)

NextGen Healthcare has demonstrated to more than 90,000 provider clients that we are an EHR partner with expertise not only in EHR, workflow, and practice management, interoperability, functionality, but also a partner with in-depth healthcare reform expertise and resources.

NextGen Healthcare- the right EHR partner  

While the challenges providers face today are complex and many, the future is bright once you’ve got the right tools, technology, attitude, support, and teamwork. Choose a sustainable EHR vendor as your business partner, one with technology that will keep you in compliance in 2014 and well beyond.