Perspectives on UGM 2013

In sync with the incredible evolution of healthcare, NextGen Healthcare’s annual User Group Meeting (UGM) has also dramatically progressed into one of the most impressive and impactful client events in the industry. For the past five years I have participated at UGM in various capacities.  It was just five years ago when UGM was held at the Gaylord in Washington, D.C., and we had approximately 3,200 attendees.  This year, we had approximately 5,000 attendees, making Orlando or Las Vegas the only two venues in the US big enough to accommodate our growing “NextGen Nation.”

Looking back and moving forward

UGM for me is that constant interaction with our clients, whether it’s formal or just conversations in passing. This year, I had more client interaction both in organized group sessions and in one-on-one meetings than in previous years, and I am pleased to say that these engagements were overwhelmingly positive. Clients were eager to share with me and with each other about how they are using NextGen® solutions to improve workflow, prepare for MU 2, and meet the increasing quality reporting mandates required of them.


Several clients had participated as beta clients in NextGen Healthcare’s Go-Baby-Go program that led to the launch of NextGen Healthcare Ambulatory EHR v.5.8/ Next Gen Healthcare Practice Management and NextGen Knowledge Base Model (KBM) v. 8.3 and all were enthusiastic about their experience working with NextGen Healthcare’s Product and Development teams to make this upgrade a success.  This was an incredible effort and countless hours were invested to get the KBM v. 8.3 release out and our clients were instrumental in this effort.

5,000 at UGM13

One of the most memorable moments from any previous UGM was when I first stepped onto the stage for the Keynote presentation in front of the crowd of 5,000! That was a first for me. It was really something looking up to the rafters and seeing the surge of folks who want to come to UGM year in and year out.  The energy in the room was palpable and I could tell the audience was charged up and receptive to our message.  It was a truly fantastic experience to witness how engaged our clients are and that they recognize and appreciate the work NextGen Healthcare is doing on their behalf.

Clients taking the lead

I am always struck by our clients’ genuine appreciation and humility that they were chosen to lead UGM sessions; the client speakers seem surprised that they would be asked to present at UGM. Many of our clients are first-time presenters and they do a phenomenal job.  The reality is so many of our clients are maximizing our solutions and molding them to fit their needs. The flexibility and configurability of NextGen Healthcare’s core technology is one of the most powerful aspects of our solution and that message is shared throughout the sessions. Who better to tell those stories and share the experiences than the wonderful client partners that make up the NextGen Nation?!

NextGen Healthcare – A culture of engagement

One of NextGen Healthcare’s attributes is that our solutions are not dictatorial. Clients are able to use the core KBM templates to configure their unique workflow for outcome-specific practices such as medical home models. NextGen Healthcare makes it easy for clients to use the solution. In addition, our shared vision is to provide our clients with increasing data fluidity. With NextGen® Share, we are able to bring our clients together and create true interoperability. This is what will continue to set us apart.  We are developing an infrastructure that makes data fluidity and interoperability an integral component of the NextGen® solution.