Advantages abound when you haven’t “just fallen off the HIT turnip truck.” I can’t imagine being a new player in the EHR space and navigating through this ever-changing, complex marketplace.

Thankfully, at NextGen Healthcare, we have been building and fine-tuning electronic health records and financial systems for a couple of decades now. And there are so many remarkable initiatives that NextGen Healthcare clients are deploying every day innovations that many of us never imagined our software could inspire. 

All roads lead to collaborative care

Accountable Care Organization (ACO), patient centered medical home (PCMH), care coordination, population health, value-based medicine, analytics, and interoperability — no matter how you say it, the ACO healthcare model is here to stay.  NextGen® solutions were engineered from day one to optimize the capture of discrete data.  Big Data wasn’t even a term 20 years ago but we knew that discrete data was foundational to improving care via analytics.

Today, NextGen® solutions enable clients to optimize aggregated data derived from multiple disparate sources.  Powered by Mirth technology, we’ve taken the next logical step, aggregating data from multiple sources, disparate EHRs, acute care systems, and claims data.  Our goal is to help our clients meet mounting quality measures based on their patients’ health status to determine how best to decrease health risks while improving outcomes.  Effective patient management cannot be a guessing game; true clinical data must be analyzed, tracked, and continually benchmarked against quality measures.

Like a well-oiled machine, NextGen® solutions have been carefully engineered to seamlessly work together, enabling collaborative care through an enterprise infrastructure that supports complex, multi-practice, multi-tax ID healthcare organizations.  NextGen® data manipulation functionality, workflow, and rules engine enable ACOs to modify discrete data and workflow to support their unique needs, which are often based on how they contract with payers.

NextGen® solution matrix fundamental to Accountable Care

NextGen® Ambulatory EHR, and related clinical content, support care coordination across multiple practices, while NextGen® Health Information Exchange (NextGen HIE) supports referrals across the community and facilitates data sharing in both standard and discrete data formats. We’re making data sharing easy, connecting the entire NextGen Healthcare client base by combining Mirth tools to create NextGen® Share.  With Mirth Connect we’re simplifying and driving down the cost of sharing data across EHRs and acute care products.

In addition to robust interoperability, NextGen® solutions improve the complex workflow ACOs support while reducing the financial burden associated with providers’ otherwise large staffing needs and obsolete manual processes. NextGen® Population Health (NextGen PH) proactively outreaches to patients and identifies gaps in care and suggests subsequent treatment opportunities for wellness and chronic disease management. Automated outreach uses text messaging, secure email via NextGen® Patient Portal, integrated voice response, or tasking to care teams via the NextGen® Practice Management (NextGen PM) worklog manager.  NextGen® Health Quality Measures (NextGen HQM), NextGen® Dashboard and analytics support ACOs and share financial and clinical Key Performance Indicators.

Finally, the NextGen RCM Services team supports clients moving from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement.  NextGen RCM Services comprises professionals who understand emerging payment models and how to optimize NextGen PM and NextGen Ambulatory EHR to enhance financial and clinical performance.  Results today are driven by the very real need to improve financial and clinical outcomes through automation, analytics, and personal service.  Our mission is to empower providers to care for their patients with less of a burden of running their practice – thus simplifying their lives.

So there you have it…with more than 160 ACO clients and 2,300 PCMH clients, NextGen Healthcare provides the foundation to support them now and in the future. We are proud of our clients’ continued success– they positively impact millions of patients and they are doing it with NextGen® technology.  The NextGen Nation™ is truly transforming healthcare every day.  Want to learn more about NextGen’s solutions? Register for The NextGen EHR & PM Live Demo and Webinar today!