With collaborative care and ACO delivery models taking center stage in the evolving volume-to-value healthcare transformation, providers will need the ability to share patient data with each other as well as with ancillary healthcare service providers. Sharing important clinical information about each patient across multiple care settings enables providers and their respective staffs to effectively improve care quality and increase operational efficiency. But in order to realize true collaborative care and also meet multiple quality measures and the MU2 Transitions of Care requirement, healthcare providers need a strong, enterprise-wide, interoperability platform. That’s where a Health Information Service Provider (HISP) comes in. A HISP offers a community of providers who are “on-board” the ability to send and receive Direct messages.

Speaking of HISPs–Welcome to NextGen Share

With interoperability as the key driver of collaborative care, NextGen Healthcare with its sister company, Mirth, a global leader in health information technology, has launched NextGen® Share, a national HISP that enables physicians to send encrypted health information directly to known, trusted recipients over the Internet. As a HISP, NextGen Share provides secure connectivity between NextGen Healthcare and non-NextGen Healthcare providers. It includes a searchable provider directory and message translation between supported formats. Providers can exchange clinical data files such as Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) files and attachments, referral request letters, intake notes, images, and more.

Who can send and receive the data?

Data can be transmitted between peers, practices, and health systems locally and nationally across multiple technology platforms. The primary benefit is that NextGen Share allows NextGen Healthcare clients to connect with external providers utilizing standards that were required as ONC Certified HIT 2014 Edition products.

Remember, the goal of collaborative care is to develop an efficient, coordinated system that ensures patients are receiving the most appropriate personalized care in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. While actively engaging patients and caregivers, this type of care coordination enables providers, payers, and patients to connect electronically and collaborate to mitigate the risk of errors, improve care quality, and manage various patient populations, including those with chronic illnesses. These patients are typically the highest utilizers of healthcare services and, therefore, the most costly.

OK…so here are five good reasons to “get connected” with NextGen Share

  1. Easily and securely exchange data (i.e. C-CDAs, NextGen® Ambulatory EHR generated documents, and more) with other NextGen Healthcare providers and non-NextGen Healthcare providers by simply searching and discovering the right provider
  2. Dramatically improve referral generation and reduce the need to fax documents
  3. Satisfy MU2 core measure #15, Transitions of Care
  4. Onboarding is simple. Once a NextGen Healthcare client registers on the NextGen Share portal, you’ll complete the install and be up and running in minutes
  5. It’s FREE! No cost to purchase, maintain, or install. Plus, no per-transaction fees. NextGen Share is available as part of the NextGen Ambulatory EHR and is covered under clients’ current maintenance contract.

Connect to Collaborate today with NextGen Share!