Want to mix, mingle, and meet new people at NextGen ONE and don’t know where to start?   There’s plenty to do, plenty to see and plenty to share!

Here’s a quick rundown on what you can do to help socialize your NextGen ONE Experience.

First and foremost!

Download the One UGM 2014 app! Yes – there’s an app for that and before you go, be sure to download it to your Apple or Android device so you can personalize your experience and keep your calendar in check. There are way too many cool features to mention here, so download it and see for yourself.

Once you’re there.  Pick up all of your registration materials and page through the pocket guide. (Psst…pages 15-21 are must-read pages that can help make this year’s meeting the best yet).

What better place to become a social butterfly than at the Social Zone!  Flutter over to the Social Zone located in Bayside Foyer. While you’re there, get your professional headshot taken, share your ONE UGM 2014 experience in a short video clip, and meet a few of the marketing team members; such as Catie Lawrence and Stephanie Long – I’ll be there too, so be sure to stop over say hi J.

Participate in events – Get out, get down to it, and get social!

Must-attend events to add to your calendar:

Dinner with Strangers…No stranger danger here! Make dinner more exciting; sign up at the Concierge Desk located in Bayside Foyer on level 1. We made the reservations for you so all you have to do is pick which day, time, and restaurant location you prefer and voilà–you’re all set to have dinner with strangers!

Welcome Reception…If you’re looking to network with others and get the inside scoop from your peers on what’s happening in different specialty areas most important to you, you should plan to be at this event on Sunday, November 2 at 6:00 PM; it’s in Bayside D – located on level 1 of the South Convention Center.

Sip and Stroll… What better way to meet and interact with exhibitors than to have some drinks while taking a stroll of the Expo Hall floor. If sipping and strolling are up your social alley, we’ll plan to see you on Monday, November 3 from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM in Bayside B.

TweetChat – Join the social conversation on Twitter! Participate in the TweetChat live from NextGen ONE on November 4 from 1 – 2 PM. PST. Join the conversation in person at the Social Zone located in the Bayside Foyer.

BASH Spectacular! – ONE show – ONE night – Brought to you under ONE roof.  That’s all I can tell you! As always, the event is a surprise and while I can’t spill the beans, I will say that this year’s client event is shaping up to be unlike any that have come before. If I were you, I would just plan on being at the Mandalay Bay Events Center at 8:00 PM on Tuesday, November 4.

Of course, the only way people will know that you truly ‘got’ social is to share your experience, your photos, and your comments ‘on’ social.

We’ll be socializing too!

We’ll be posting important news, live updates, and photos on all social media channels throughout the event!

For live up-to-date information about NextGen ONE UGM, be sure to follow @NextGen on Twitter and the hashtag #NextGenONE.

Some other cool Twitter peeps to follow are: @bailey2_keegan@BlueHenLovett, @ChelleRovner, @lawrencester, @jhollis316, @kelciechambers, @leslieakirk and @theRCMguy

So, whether you Tweet it, Post it, or Pin it; we want you to experience it, enjoy it, and share it! (oh – and don’t forget the #NextGenONE hashtag)

Connect with us on all channels!