The whirlwind of NextGen One UGM has come and gone and what a show! One of the highlights of this year’s conference was how we expanded NextGen Healthcare solutions areas in the Expo Hall, in particular ViaTrack® Solutions & EDI. Mirth, NextGen RCM Services, and NextGen® Consulting Services also had their own booth areas at this year’s conference but ViaTrack really made an impression.

Sitting down with Vanessa DiMantova, Director, ViaTrack Solutions, and Monique Hall, Manager Business Development, EDI, we got the scoop why clients rely on ViaTrack Solutions.

NextGen Healthcare (NG): How was this year’s UGM?

Vanessa DiMantova (Vanessa):
This year’s UGM was a huge success! This is ViaTrack’s 11th UGM and personally, my 9th. We love UGM! It’s a unique and meaningful way to share information and network. Also at this year’s UGM we got to preview and demo the ViaTrack Clearinghouse solution, ClearIQ, and also some of our chat features and other enhancements to our Version 8. I’m always so excited about sharing information and networking at UGM. It’s a wonderful opportunity each year.

NG: NextGen Healthcare products and solutions all had their own booths this year. Did you notice a difference?

Monique: Indeed I noticed a difference. Having well-defined product areas was a huge success. Clients were able to engage the best resource for the product of their choice with ease.

NG: Were you able to interact with many clients during the conference?

Vanessa: We did. But we’re always interacting with clients. While UGM presents the opportunity to sit across the table and see clients face-to-face, that’s something that we pride ourselves in; being customer-centric. Our proactive customer support means we’re always engaging with our clients; from a support level or from a focus group and input level. What I find especially fulfilling is the client input that helped create our version 8; it was developed entirely from focus group input. From billers, administrators, CFOs – everyone within the practice. And so at UGM we’re able to show version 8 and ask clients: ‘Hey, now that you’re using it every day, is it what you wanted it to be?’ Then we can identify where else we can grow and what we did right. We got great feedback around version 8. What people are realizing is they need the advances in technology, they need that dashboard. The fewer clicks the better, as each click is a decision. So, they’re appreciating that.

NG: What do you want clients to know about ViaTrack Solutions that they may not be aware of?

Monique: ViaTrack is the only NextGen Healthcare-owned clearinghouse. ViaTrack supports all claim types; institutional, dental and professional claims from one portal. Our clients do not have to log in to upload claims. ViaTrack has the technology to support automating claims import, ERA export as well as acknowledgements.

NG: How were interactions with clients who may never have heard of ViaTrack Solutions?

Vanessa: Rewarding! It’s always great to see the reactions on people’s faces when we talk about proactive customer service, when we’re defining it, letting them know they’re going to get a report card, how we partner in that proactive service. Also, their eyes light up when they realize you can use a single portal for all three different claim types, as Monique mentioned. We’re talking to some prospect practices currently using three different clearinghouses. Incredible! So to be able to identify a single source that has expertise with all those transaction types is huge. I just love to see that reaction around all of these things – the customization we offer and the fact that we’re owned by NextGen Healthcare, all adding up to what makes us not your average clearinghouse.

NG: What are clients saying about ViaTrack?

Monique: We recently participated in the NextGen Client Satisfaction and Engagement Program, Voice of the Client (VOC). VOC is a customer survey program that reaches out to our clients in the form of a survey. Varying categories of resources at our client sites are contacted. The decision maker, the influencer, and the end user. Survey results proved our clients feel that, on a scale of 1-10, the ROI is 8.6 from clients who use ViaTrack. I think that speaks volumes.

NG: If you could have done one thing differently this year, what would it have been?

Vanessa: I would have worn flats (laughs). Although I did have follow-up conversations with people who remembered me because of my shoes!

NG: What was your main takeaway from this year’s meeting?

Monique: Erik Wahl, graffiti artist was the keynote speaker at this year’s UGM.   He drove (home) the point of recapturing your creativity. In a matter of a few minutes, he dared (us) to consider how creative we each were as children. However, at some point, we learned boundaries and parameters. In other words, once you learn to color within lines, you lose some of your creative ability. My takeaway was there are no limits to what ViaTrack Solutions can bring to the provider community. Our creativity shows in our products and services.

Vanessa: This is a marathon and not a sprint – we’re always growing, always challenging ourselves, asking ourselves what makes us different (from) your average clearinghouse? As Monique said, capturing that creativity, harnessing that technology to make it easier on our practices and clients and ultimately increase their bottom line and efficiency.

If you’re new to ViaTrack Solutions, be sure to check out the newly revamped for more info.

We did and something about ViaTrack is that we’re always interacting with our clients. While UGM presents the opportunity to sit across the table and see them face to face, we pride ourselves in always engaging with our clients along with the healthcare community as a whole. That engagement is invaluable. The clients we did see gave us great feedback around version 8.0: what people are realizing is they need the advances in technology, they need that dashboard. The less clicks the better, as each click is a decision. So, they’re appreciating that along with the automation and efficiencies we offer.