Something to celebrate! NextGen Healthcare Earns Top RCM Performance KLAS Rating

Healthcare providers are anxious to alleviate administrative stresses caused by today’s complex operations. As such, more ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) vendors are providing outsourced billing/revenue cycle management (RCM) to meet the burgeoning demand.

But with so many vendor options, knowing the truth about outsourced RCM offerings can be the missing piece of your revenue cycle puzzle. So, to help shed light on this, KLAS (a leading healthcare technology ratings provider) measured the performance of RCM services vendors who also provide EHR and PM technology, like NextGen Healthcare.

The results are in and they are definitely something to cheer about. After being graded on key RCM areas such as: effectiveness of claims processing; patient-facing support performance; efficiency gained by customers, sustainability of pricing, and trust as a business partner, it’s clear that our clients really like what we’re doing!

NextGen RCM Services has been named the top-performing healthcare IT vendor by KLAS for our outstanding billing/revenue cycle management (RCM) service. In the Ambulatory RCM Services ‘Uncovering Truths When Services Are Outsourced’ report, KLAS graded ambulatory vendors in key performance areas, and NextGen RCM Services received the most favorable ranking among vendors for overall performance.

KLAS is a healthcare technology research firm that specializes in monitoring and reporting the performance of software, services, medical equipment and infrastructure vendors. Working with thousands of healthcare executives from hospitals and clinics in North America, KLAS collects performance feedback to deliver timely reports, trends, and statistics that provide a solid overview of vendor performance in the industry.

Overall Satisfaction with RCM Services 11-17In this report, ranking was determined by analyzing our performance in these key RCM areas:

  • Effectiveness of claims processing
  • Transparency into billing/financial operations
  • Denials and rejections management
  • Sustainability of pricing
  • Trust as a business partner
  • Efficiencies gained through the partnership

In addition to ranking most favorable vendor in overall performance, NextGen RCM Services also ranked highest among all ambulatory vendors for its performance in these additional individual key areas: effectiveness of claims processing, patient-facing support performance, efficiency gained by customers, sustainability of pricing, and trust as a business partner.

The ever-increasing complexities of healthcare reimbursement have placed an emphasis on revenue cycle effectiveness. It’s extremely gratifying to be recognized by our clients as a leader in efficiently managing the business of transforming patient care into positive financial outcomes. Of course, we are particularly pleased that 100 percent of NextGen Healthcare respondents view us as a trusted business partner due to our transparency, consistent delivery, and willingness to fix mistakes.

One thing our clients value the most when dealing with NextGen RCM Services is the personalized, consultative professional guidance and complete visibility into their revenue cycle that drives process improvements. But while we have been awarded the honorary title of overall top-performing healthcare IT vendor, we will continue to reach for excellence in all facets of the NextGen RCM service.

Read the full press release: NextGen Healthcare Earns KLAS Top Performance Honors for Ambulatory RCM Services.