In December 2014, NextGen Healthcare set out to gain a clearer picture of revenue cycle management throughout the medical industry—surveying practices across the country on everything from collections processes to A/R efficiency to denial resolution. We wanted to get to the heart of financial and operational performance questions by peeking directly into practices’ billing offices.

Were practices inputting charges into their systems immediately or days after time of service? Were they pulling out all the stops to scrub claims? Were they making sure only 10-15 percent of collections were outstanding more than 120 days?

Some of the results we collected surprised us—particularly because practices today have so many resources available to them to help ensure optimal performance. Yet, as the research revealed, not all practices are taking advantage of these resources. And it shows in their success metrics.

In our upcoming webinar, “Behind the Billing Office Door: RCM Survey Results and Opportunities” on May 5, 2015 at 2:30-4 p.m. EDT, we’ll reveal the RCM survey results and discuss the efficiency- and revenue-driving opportunities many practices are missing. 

The webinar will take a closer look at:

  • Survey Respondent Profiles—What kinds of practices and specialties took part in the survey, where they were located across the nation, how big their billing offices were, and how confident they were in their abilities to manage certain key tasks
  • Financial Performance Metrics—How practices performed when it came to Net Collections, Average Days in A/R, Outstanding Collections more than 120+ Days, and First Pass Clean Claim Rate
  • Benchmarks and Best Practices—What benchmarks our survey respondents—and practices like yours—should strive to meet to accelerate payments, eliminate denials, reduce human errors, drive revenue, and more
  • How to Take Action—What steps your practice can take and additional metrics you can measure to start improving performance now, and how NextGen RCM Services can expedite your quest to improve efficiency and drive revenue
  • Q&A—Your chance to ask us your RCM questions and get answers

You really won’t want to miss it, particularly because we’ll be sharing additional tips and advice not covered in the RCM Survey Report. By implementing the best practices we cover, you can move closer to excellence across the board, buttoning up your processes, collecting more—and ultimately gaining more freedom to focus on practicing medicine.

Join us on May 5 and discover the opportunities you may be missing.