Remember the old adage about the “haves and the have-nots?” In a recession, the two groups’ differences are more pronounced. This same idea applies to practices that have a clearinghouse versus those that don’t (the “have-nots.”)

How can you maximize reimbursements and meet government requirements for Meaningful Use while ensuring you’re using best practice protocols?  The answer is, make sure you’re a “have” rather than a “have-not” – collaborate with the right clearinghouse.

You need one that will:

  • Educate you in transitioning to electronic interchange
  • Provide continued communication on the changing rules governing medical insurance
  • Be your liaison and advocate with payers
  • Make maximum reimbursement a priority

The right clearinghouse ensures you are paid more and faster – all while using fewer resources.

Is your clearinghouse right for you?  

  1. Does your clearinghouse support all claim types (such as Professional 1500, Institutional UBs, as well as dental claims) – and send them in real time?
  2. Does your clearinghouse monitor your accounts regularly and proactively suggest payers and connections for continuity of workflow?
  3. Does your clearinghouse enroll your practice for 835 ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) files for all the applicable payers your practice serves?
  4. Does your clearinghouse work directly with payers on your behalf to ensure appropriate ICD-10 testing and billing readiness?
  5. Does your clearinghouse engage directly with your software to help correct issues more quickly, while educating you on best practices?

The “haves” (those with the right clearinghouse) probably answered yes to these questions. With the right clearinghouse, you’ll see improved cash flow and timely filed clean claims – all while gaining a partner with a stake in your success.  The “have-nots” will still struggle to have their claims accepted, wait longer for reimbursement, and fall behind in the mandates of the Affordable Care Act, the HIPAA Transaction Rule, and ICD-10 transition.

Don’t be a “have-not” – contact your software vendor for a preferred clearinghouse recommendation today. 

Anxious about your ICD-10 Transition?  Remember that help is a click away!

Make sure your practice is ready for the ICD-10 transition.  NextGen Healthcare offers a robust level of client support, tools, and services for this complex transition. Because getting this right is essential for timely and accurate payments. Don’t let your cash flow take a hit! Take advantage of our ICD-10 Tool Kit which includes these helpful resources offered to support your smooth transition to ICD-10.