Recently, I had the opportunity to join 250 leading policymakers, government officials, industry experts, providers, payers, and other ACO stakeholders at the Sixth Annual Accountable Care Organization Summit in Washington, D.C

The two-day Summit featured presentations and discussions on a variety of ACO-focused topics, including: contract and payment arrangements, quality and performance measurement, patient engagement, clinical perspectives, employer-led accountable care arrangements, and innovations in health IT and data analytics.  The presenters themselves included senior leaders from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), Geisinger Health System, Cleveland Clinic, Crystal Run Healthcare, and Partners Healthcare, among other organizations at the cutting edge of the accountable care movement.

It’s all about the data!

Unsurprisingly, after two days of listening to intense discussion among these leaders, I walked away from the Summit feeling like I learned a lot about the past, present, and future state of ACOs.  But somewhat surprisingly, the most important insight I walked away with was perhaps the simplest one I walked in with: Value-based and accountable care is still all about the data.

No matter how large or small, independent or integrated, advanced or novice, innovative or not an ACO may be, to truly succeed in population health management and deliver higher quality care at a lower cost, ACOs need accurate and timely clinical and financial data and analytics that can drive actionable insights based on that data.

The bad news from the Summit?  Few (if any) organizations think the industry is where it needs to be in this respect.  The good news?  We’re working on it and we know we’re making progress.

Progress using Mirth Care Enterprise and NextGen Care

Mirth Corporation and NextGen Healthcare are making significant progress for clients committed to succeeding in the ACO model.

A cloud-based, vendor-agnostic, healthcare solution for ACOs, Mirth® Care Enterprise supports population health management through chronic disease and care management, prevention, variation and waste reduction, and data analytics.  Using data from disparate sources, Mirth Care Enterprise provides advanced analysis and automated interventions to foster patient engagement, enable better care coordination, improve quality, and reduce costs.  And by providing access to, and timely use of, this data, Mirth Care Enterprise enables the successful management of individuals and populations to drive the delivery of higher quality and lower cost care.

The same is true for providers, clinicians, and clients using NextGen Care™. Because every function required to collect, share, analyze, and act on data is available in a single, integrated platform. NextGen Care users have access to the same care plan – and the data used to create it – for each patient. High-risk patients are more proactively and successfully managed using data when and where it’s needed; the overall health of the population is more likely to rise.