NextGen Healthcare has a long history of engaging with and listening carefully to its customers, going the extra mile to meet an organization’s needs. The company’s reputation for offering the most customizable primary care and specialty practice EHR is just one of the results of its collaborative and responsive approach.

Consider the partnership between NextGen Healthcare and Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest (PPPS) — a long-standing client. The two organizations are currently working together to integrate a robust set of clinical content into the NextGen® Ambulatory EHR, substantially expanding women’s health, reproductive health, and family planning subject matter and care planning templates. The initiative will allow PPPS clinicians to access content directly through the EHR rather than from a secondary database, creating a more streamlined workflow. The organization also will be able to reduce costs stemming from the secondary database, create documentation more efficiently, and provide a better user experience.

Listening to a customer’s needs and taking action on its feedback often leads to positive results and business benefits that extend beyond just the initial customer. For instance, the abovementioned project will certainly provide benefits to the PPPS affiliate, but also expand those advantages to different Planned Parenthood locations around the country. Additionally, the program will help other NextGen Healthcare clients operating in women’s health and related specialties realize similar results and better care for their patients. In fact, as a result of this effort, any women’s health-focused entity can have immediate access to the best clinical content available. Not only will this streamline operations, but it also will empower organizations as they move toward value-based care and population health management, allowing them to improve patient and population outcomes at lowered costs.

In many cases, responding to current concerns is just the beginning in helping clients and partners enable new and different business models. NextGen Healthcare looks at its work with PPPS as the next step on a productive and responsive journey, helping the affiliate and its sister organizations successfully traverse the future and deliver more comprehensive care.

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