The wellbeing of your practice hinges on getting paid—which means every last penny counts. You can build a strong bottom line on a foundation of solid payer contracting. This is where revenue cycle management starts.

If you don’t fully understand your payer terms or don’t have them in writing, you’ve set yourself back in 2015 and beyond.

It’s important to learn how to negotiate better in order to get paid what you’ve earned.

It’s not uncommon for payers to refuse to negotiate fees, but don’t give up. If they won’t budge on fees, scrutinize – and negotiate – contract terms. Terms that you should focus on include: timely filing deadlines, recoupments, and terminations.

Get your payer terms in writing and conduct intelligent payer contract monitoring. That will help provide the fuel you need for better revenue outcomes.

To learn more, check out our  “7 Keys to Locking Down Solid Payer Contracts” infographic.

Payer Contracting

Also, learn more about payer contracting strategies, in our eBook, “Payer Contracting: Get Paid What You’ve Earned.”