In this day and age, convenient and real-time accessibility to clinical data is crucial; the exchange of patient data needs to be seamless, with systems talking to each other behind the scenes. This type of mobility provides better and more efficient care. It allows physicians, nurses, and care coordinators immediate access to the longitudinal patient record, enabling their goal of achieving better outcomes.

For the Mirth® Results client, these things are now found within the palm of their hand. Mirth has just launched Mirth® Mobile, giving Mirth Results clients access to Mirth Results aggregated data from any iOS tablet or smart phone.

So, how does it work?

Mirth Mobile gives access to the patient data stored within the Mirth Results central data repository, providing additional options for viewing clinical data. The Mirth Results central data repository collects, organizes, and aggregates clinical and claims data from multiple sources. And now with Mirth Mobile, that data can be viewed within the app.

Setup is a Cinch

To access Mirth Mobile, download the app and add your organization (the organization that corresponds to your user in Mirth Results). Clients have free access to the Mirth Mobile app which currently gives you read-only access to Mirth Results.

For more information on Mirth Mobile, check out the Mirth Results page.