What a Monday at NextGen™ ONE User Group Meeting (NextGen ONE UGM) – I have to say – such a blast! As a UGM first-timer, the day flew by with excitement and awe of the power of the NextGen Nation™ and the success of how we are impacting the healthcare industry together.

One thing is clear from yesterday’s events and Rusty’s speech at General Session: NextGen Healthcare is focused on clients, care, and the future. But, something I found equally as refreshing was that YOU, NextGen Healthcare clients, are working toward the same goals. You’re focused on your clients (aka patients), care, and the future, too. This alignment is central to actually improving healthcare.

Via social channels, #ONEUGM15 lit up Vegas (with a little help from selfie sticks!) and our focus on these three goals came through to those following social. UGM newbies and tried-and-true attendees alike participated in social during the day, officially ushering in the NextGen Nation social revolution.

A few of my favorite tweets and tweeps from yesterday are featured here—these were some of the most popular tweets of the day, showing our collective focus on the future, how NextGen Healthcare is committed to helping its clients and a little fun we had at SOCIAL during day one.







I’m looking forward to another great day at #ONEUGM15 to meet more of NextGen Nation, learn about what NextGen Healthcare clients are doing and how NextGen Healthcare technology is helping them do it. Be sure to stop by SOCIAL to say hi and follow @NextGen to participate in the conversation!

What have you enjoyed most so far?

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