Goodbye password, hello passphrase

Ever use the password “password”? How about “Password1!”? I thought so. If you haven’t, I bet you’ve used a similarly easy-to-guess password. Spouse’s name, child’s name, pet’s name – all of these, believe it or not, are easy for hackers to discover. Essentially, if it’s in the dictionary, it can be guessed within seconds. In a world where everything is digital, don’t make this mistake.

Stronger passwords, better data security

Cyber attackers now have sophisticated methods for deciphering passwords, making it even easier for them to steal confidential information critical to your practice or personal life. Don’t give them this advantage. Make it so difficult for them that they won’t be able to steal your information. Find tips and tricks for strong passwords here, or, even better, create a passphrase.

Passphrases – the new way to protect your data

A passphrase is devised from a sentence that you’ll remember, but hard for others to guess.


Here’s the sentence: How can I remember my password?

And the passphrase created from that sentence: HcIrmp?65

I simply took the first letter of every word in my sentence, used capitalization where it made sense, the question mark, and added an easy-to-remember favorite number at the end.

Now, don’t start using this passphrase. Now that it’s on our blog it might go viral. Create your own passphrase using a sentence, song lyric, or question that you’ll easily remember. It’s easy!

Other helpful tips & tricks

So you’ve created a passphrase. Great. But before you start using that for every device and login, consider how dramatically that could impact your data if it was discovered. I highly suggest you create multiple passphrases. At home, make it something close to your heart. At work, make it something you do or ask yourself every day. And just because you have more than one passphrase, doesn’t mean remembering them needs to be hard. There are some great password management apps available such as LastPass and 1Password that safely contain all your passwords, and I highly recommend utilizing them to keep track of all those passphrases.

Cool stuff

Check this out to learn more about mobile device privacy and security. And remember, you should protect your data the same way you protect your home. Would you leave your house without locking the door? Didn’t think so. Stay vigilant!