Did you know, according to the National Association of Community Health Center, 75% of all Community Health Centers (CHCs) in the U.S. also provide dental care for their patients?  Too many CHCs use different healthcare IT systems for medical and dental care (in one or several offices), which leaves room for errors, duplicate entries/billing, increased denials, mismatched patient data, and other problems.

How can you make it easier for underserved patients to obtain complete care?

It’s already quite challenging for your patient community to obtain – and stay on top of – their care, especially if they have chronic conditions. Because it’s hard enough to make it into your CHC, let alone maintain relationships and appointment schedules with multiple doctors. Make it easier for patients, and more efficient for you.

Did you know you could use an integrated electronic dental record (EDR), electronic health record (EHR), and practice management (PM) system to improve care?  Electronic health record solutions came to the market first. Dental record software trailed behind. This created a bittersweet outcome: clinical and administrative electronic systems (finally!), but disparate and separate data (a huge drawback). The good news? Even with all the EHR options on the market for medical and dental care, there’s a way to link patient care and patient experiences to improve outcomes.

Holistically treat patients, see better outcomes

A majority of CHCs offer dental services at their locations, and an overwhelming number of NextGen Healthcare CHC clients are using a single patient record in doing so. If you’re playing catch up in this regard, your patients may also be behind on their healthcare needs. If you use an integrated HIT system, you can more easily handle allergies, prescriptions, test results, chronic conditions, health and dental exams, risk indicators, and more – creating a level playing field for medical doctors and dentists to deliver care holistically.

Fulfill your healthcare purpose more easily

A CHC’s purpose is to provide quality, low-cost care to the underserved and underprivileged. By integrating oral health into your practice, you can not only treat patients better, and help prevent dental diseases, but also help your patients to better value and address oral health as a critical part of their overall care.  So give integrated single record care a try.

Questions? Learn how easy and cost-effective it is!

It’s easier – and more cost-effective – than you think to ramp up to an integrated EDR, EHR, and PM solution. Join the upcoming NextGen Healthcare webinar, “Why CHCs and Their Patients Need NextGen® EDR to Thrive.” You’ll see how a single healthcare record helps create a more uniform, effective experience for patients and physicians.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information: jlwalker@nextgen.com.