The adoption and use of the Direct messaging protocol is a growing success, with more providers signing on every day. Direct messaging enables providers to securely exchange patient data; providers who are part of the Mirth® Health Information Service Provider (HISP) or NextGen® Share, are in the DirectTrust community, enabling them to exchange Direct secure messages with a huge network of providers across the nation. Read more about Direct Messaging in this blog post, where we discuss Direct messaging in greater depth.

The Need

Despite being able to exchange Direct messages, providers are unable to discover the addresses that they can already exchange with. Providers need a centralized point for address discovery that’s easy to connect to. Provider addresses need to be aggregated in the directory with all other provider addresses; point-to-point connections between provider directories don’t work. The need is a directory solution that scales to the national level, containing a very low barrier to entry that can leverage capabilities of existing systems.

Introducing Mirth OpenPD

Mirth OpenPD™ is a provider directory hosted and managed by Mirth®. It is a new remote directory that allows providers the option to query. NextGen Share and Mirth® Mail providers can connect to it through their existing provider directory. Mirth OpenPD is open, allowing third-party HISPs to participate as well.

Through Mirth OpenPD, NextGen Share and Mirth HISP, members can now discover more than 450,000 provider addresses, representing physicians and specialists across the nation.

How does Mirth OpenPD work?

Third-party HISPs contribute flat files to a single point and receive aggregated, standardized, flat files of all Mirth OpenPD members. As new members enroll, existing members simply receive updated flat files, without the need to sign new agreements.

For members using the Mirth HISP, it’s even easier. Exchange capabilities and functions are already built into Mirth Mail – no ongoing exchange efforts required. Finally, address exchange happens at the HISP level. For end users (such as providers), if the HISP that issues the provider’s address partners with Mirth OpenPD, the provider will be a part of the centralized directory.

How much does Mirth OpenPD cost?

There is no cost for the service! Mirth OpenPD is based on reciprocal address exchange – HISPs both contribute and receive addresses.

Start connecting with providers across the country today—it’s fast, free, and easy with Mirth OpenPD!

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