“Version 2” of the EHR Developer Code of Conduct (the Code) embodies six principles that nurture transparency and collaboration. Two vital ingredients our industry needs for long-term success.

As the Vice Chair of the Executive Committee that guides the Electronic Health Record Association (the Association), I seek opportunities to educate potential new adopters of the Code and reinforce its value to the health information technology (HIT) industry.

How did we get to Version 2?

The Association issued the original version of the Code in June 2013 at a launch event attended and endorsed by representatives from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), and the American College of Physicians. The objective of the Code is to nurture transparency and collaboration among EHR developers across the HIT industry.

Version 2 of the Code was developed and updated by the Association’s Code of Conduct Workgroup – Association member volunteers representing both large and small EHR companies serving the enterprise market and the ambulatory-only market. In addition, our Code of Conduct Workgroup received feedback from an expansive cross section of Association members, government stakeholders, and private sector stakeholders. We wanted Version 2 of the Code to represent the broadest perspective possible.

The Value? Active not passive commitment

The Association issued Version 2 of the Code in March 2016 during the annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition when our entire industry meets to focus on many of the issues the Code seeks to improve.

Version 2 of the Code drives active engagement by formal adopters in a variety of best practices to improve care, increase efficiencies, enhance patient safety, and provide better outcomes. Version 2 has an added focus on interoperability, usability, and patient engagement ‒ all critical areas for the success of HIT. Adoption of Version 2 of the Code means a company evaluates and adjusts its business operations to align with all of the Code’s principles. It’s an active commitment, not a passive pledge.

Adopters of the Code instill its principles throughout their respective organizations. Beyond simply promoting transparency, adopters of the Code nurture active collaboration with like-minded stakeholders to support safe healthcare delivery, foster continued innovation, and operate with the highest integrity in the market. 

Answer the call to collaborate

The EHR Association offers the EHR Developer Code of Conduct to all organizations and individuals that develop EHR systems or functionality, regardless of their business models and practices, and whether or not they are Association members.

We must encourage and nurture collaboration at every turn, every opportunity, and in every stakeholder conversation. That’s why it’s the driving force behind each of the principles that comprise the EHR Developer Code of Conduct.

Collaboration is the key to success in virtually every new healthcare delivery initiative fueling the transition to value-based medicine and patient-centered care. And nowhere is it more critical than in our maturing EHR industry. The Association serves as an important facilitator to encourage collaboration around HIT, a key component that enables healthcare transformation.

Are you ready?

The EHR Association encourages individuals and companies in the HIT industry to review and adopt Version 2 of the EHR Developer Code of Conduct. The Code signifies a great deal of thought, discussion, and initiative by HIMSS members and the EHR Developer Code of Conduct Workgroup. It also represents an excellent opportunity to make a positive statement to your teams and external stakeholders.

As an adopter of the Code, you signal EHR developers and companies, the broader HIT industry, and stakeholders across the continuum of care that you believe proactive collaboration is a necessary condition of business in this field. And that without it, a company does not have a meaningful, long-term commitment to its own success or the success of its stakeholders. NextGen Healthcare is pleased to have signed on to Version 2 of the EHR Developer Code of Conduct as these principles align with our commitments to our clients and the patients they serve.

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