The financial health of your practice is everyone’s responsibility – from your scheduler, clinical and support staff, physicians and nurses, to your actual coding and billing staff.

If you think getting paid is hard now, wait till MACRA hits next year. Integrating automatic claims editing into your reimbursement management workflow is more important than ever. There’s still time to do it before value-based reimbursement contracts complicate getting paid even more.

You know. Getting reimbursed for the services you provide has always had multiple challenges: A seemingly never-ending pile of denied claims, accidental coding errors, and constant edits and changes your payers make. Sometimes you may wonder if you’ll ever get paid on time.

Ask yourself: Do you and your coding and billing staff really identify bad claims before submitting them for the first time? Does your staff access the most current codes and compliance rules? Every single time?

Start talking more positively about reimbursement . Inform your staff of the very simple steps they can take to help the entire practice stay financially strong. Especially how automating your claims review process can save so much time… and money!

Click on the image below to see 5 time-tested ways to improve cash flow!

5 ways to improve cash flow