If asked, I’d wager that every practice, including yours, would answer yes to these questions:

  • Are you striving to continually improve care quality?
  • Are you working toward better patient outcomes every day?
  • Are you focused on patient satisfaction – today and in the future?

If these goals are at the top of your “to-do” list, then so is improving patient engagement. But, are your efforts effective? Do you have a checklist outlining your overall patient engagement strategy?

If you don’t have a clear strategy – or you’re not sure if your strategy is on target –start at square one. Ask yourself in what ways you’ve started the process of engaging with your patients, if at all – and determine how effectively you’re doing so.

  • What tools do you have in place already?
  • Do you know what’s working best for your staff?
  • Which specific channels are more favorable than others?

Better patient engagement doesn’t just happen – it takes thoughtful planning, a steady focus, and ongoing effort. Plus, providers who foster, measure, and report on outcomes using proactive, population-based care management tools will see payment premiums as we transition to value-based care. Engaged patients are loyal patients, which means fewer no-show appointments, along with many other benefits.

Engagement can come in many forms, such as appointment reminders, balance due reminders, patient surveys, two-way text, and more.  The right tools help you automate these communications for an integrated, easy user experience – as well as improved convenience and accessibility for your patients.

How you engage patients can be simple – prepare patients for their upcoming doctor’s visit with you by sending notifications in advance. Ask for feedback on the services you provide by following up with a patient to show you care.  All of these outreach efforts support the well-rounded “provider-patient relationship” you should be striving to build, while also helping your patients become part of their overall health plan and awareness.

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