To support your patient engagement strategy, you need a combination of tools across your healthcare organization. These tools should share the same overall objective – to help your patients better engage, understand, and become active (24/7) participants in their own healthcare.

Patient engagement can mean different things to different groups of people –providers versus patients, for example. What is most important is to manage evolving patient engagement demands, and on a broader scope, to satisfy regulatory requirements for better population health and improved patient outcomes.

During a recent patient engagement webinar, NextGen Healthcare experts covered this hot topic and explained why it should be top of mind as the healthcare industry transforms from fee-for-service to value-based care and reimbursement. Watch the patient engagement webinar replay here.

To satisfy patient engagement needs – and approach healthcare more holistically – you need the expertise and technology tools that work well together and deliver results that demonstrate value, drive better population health, and lower care costs. From NextGen® Patient Portal, to NextGen Care®, to our supportive Messaging Solutions features, our solutions have you covered:

  • Ensure proactive population management
  • Increase patient engagement with tailored solutions
  • More intelligently allocate time and resources for improved care

What does patient engagement mean to you? What tools do you currently use? Are there additional solutions you’ve considered to help boost your engagement efforts during the transition to value-based care? Can you automatically and systematically engage with your patients anywhere, anytime? NextGen Healthcare experts can help you answer your questions and put you on the path to better patient engagement and satisfaction as you transition to value-based care.

Check out this patient messaging infographic

Discover the simple 10-step journey to improved patient engagement, satisfaction, and outcomes using our Messaging solutions infographic. Access it here.