The move to a value-based healthcare system has created a major shift in how all who touch the patient – providers, payers, policymakers and product innovators – navigate a rapidly changing health landscape. A major contributor to this shift is how information technology has evolved and improved the patient and provider experience. Awareness and understanding of the transformation of healthcare through technology is perhaps best expressed through National Health IT Week.

NextGen Healthcare is proud to help commemorate the 12th anniversary of National Health IT Week. For more than a decade, this event has shined a spotlight on how health IT innovation drives change in the delivery of quality healthcare, improves access and optimizes patient outcomes.

During the week of Oct. 2-6, we will join other health IT leaders – policymakers, corporations, providers, and advocacy groups across the U.S. — to advance the role of digital health in improving patient outcomes and healthcare delivery.

This year’s event focuses on four key areas that advance health IT efforts nationwide that also align closely with our goals: Supporting Healthcare Transformation, Expanding Access to High Quality Healthcare, Increasing Economic Opportunity and Making Communities Healthier.

The evolution of National Health IT Week over the past 12 years mirrors our own transformation. From our start as an EMR company, NextGen Healthcare has evolved into a much larger enterprise, with innovation at the core of that evolution, providing meaningful solutions that address market shifts and customer needs.  Our CEO, Rusty Frantz, said it best: we don’t see our technology innovations as what we do, but rather how we do what we do.  We harness technology so physicians can better focus on the practice of medicine and spend less time on the business of medicine.

Our innovations and partnerships speak to that commitment:

  • Our recent acquisitions of Entrada, Inc. and EagleDream Health will help bring our clients one step closer to achieving value-based care goals
  • Our partnerships with industry leaders, including Surescripts, the nation’s largest health information network, ensure a simplified and secure transfer of crucial clinical information
  • Our predictive analytics tools allow community health clinicians to work more effectively and help serve more than 27 million Americans who are often poor and lacking in consistent healthcare

Awareness, education and prompting legislative action also play a major role in our goal to transform healthcare delivery in the service of patients and providers. Through our Government & Industry Affairs team, we will help advance initiatives among policymakers and legislators on key issues, including telehealth, cybersecurity and infrastructure, specifically in the areas of broadband and public health surveillance.

Our involvement in National Health IT Week reflects our passion and commitment to improve the patient and provider experience, maximize outcomes and lower the cost of care through innovative technology solutions. We congratulate HIMSS on the 12th anniversary of National Health IT Week, and pledge our continued support as a committed partner.

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