ICD-10 represents approximately 68,000 codes–an increase of about 54,000 codes! As you make the transition, we don’t want code compliance or the worry of cash flow delays to take away from caring for your patients. That’s why we’ve created the NextGen Healthcare ICD-10 Guarantee. In establishing our NextGen Healthcare ICD-10 Guarantee, we looked at the ICD-10 transition not just as a need to prepare for coding issues but as a need to examine the entire revenue cycle in order to manage the financial risks. Our goal is to ensure you are paid for what you do, without bearing all the risk of reimbursement and regulatory changes on your own. We guarantee we are ICD-10 ready and you will be too.

What is the NextGen Healthcare ICD-10 Guarantee? We guarantee that for any provider who enters into an initial agreement for the provision of NextGen RCM Services by June 30, 2015 (July 31 if you are an existing NextGen Healthcare ambulatory client) and goes live by September 30, 2015 on those services using NextGen® software v5.8, UD10 or higher*, we’ll be ICD-10 ready and if we’re not, we will defer your RCM service fees. With our software and revenue cycle management services ICD-10 ready, you won’t experience a disruption to cash flow. For more information, let us answer your frequently asked questions about the NextGen Healthcare ICD-10 Guarantee. ICD10_Guarentee_logo_blog

With the ICD-10 deadline less than six months away, I encourage you to take advantage of our NextGen Healthcare ICD-10 Guarantee.

To get started on the right path for ICD-10, from a revenue cycle management perspective, practices need to focus on training, testing, and reviewing workflows. Three other areas to focus on that will enhance your financial success and ensure a steady cash flow:

*See full terms and conditions of the NextGen Healthcare ICD-10 Guarantee