Ensuring your practice is cyber-safe can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. HealthIT.gov has put together a list of tips to help healthcare practices apply risk management principles in their everyday life. Is your practice as safe as it can be?

Implement tips, get better sleep at night

In the world of healthcare IT, a provider’s worst nightmare is a data breach. Break-ins, hackers, even visitors to your organization all pose a threat to your confidential client information. To prevent the nightmare from becoming a reality, implement the following tips to help your practice carve a safer path for the future.

Can your organization place a check mark next to all of these items?

Quick tips for a cyber-safe organization

  1. Establish a security culture
    • Map out security goals and guidelines and regularly promote them among your staff
    • Seek security education and training opportunities and leverage them when possible
  2. Use strong passwords and change them frequently
    • Review our tips and tricks for creating strong passphrases
    • Choose a select few authorized users who can reset passwords in the event that a password is forgotten
  3. Install and maintain anti-virus software
    • Ensure the software provides continuous protection against viruses, malware, and other dangerous code
    • Keep anti-virus software up to date
  4. Protect mobile devices
    • Do not transmit Protected Health Information (PHI) across public networks
    • Encrypt data (before transfer occurs) if transmitting is absolutely necessary
  5. Control access to PHI
    • Carefully create role-based access controls to determine what information each user can access
  6. Limit network access
    • Prevent employees from installing software without approval
    • Avoid allowing casual network access to visitors

Small changes, big impact, better sleep

Applying these small changes can have a big impact in your organization and help you sleep better at night. For these and other helpful cyber security tips, review the full list of cyber security recommendations from HealthIT.gov for healthcare practices of all sizes. Also, check out the Guide to Privacy and Security of Health Information.

Stay vigilant!