Why submit RAPS data?

January 31, 2016 is the final deadline for RAPS (Risk Adjustment Processing System) data submission to CMS for the 2016 payment year.  This is your last chance to submit corrected data to any contracted Medicare Advantage Plans for codes that were incorrectly or incompletely documented.

Are your RAP scores at risk?

Are you positioned for success in risk adjustment and risk-based reimbursements? To help you determine where you stand, here’s what you should know:

If data submitted is incorrect (or incomplete), CMS could assign your patients inaccurate risk scores resulting in lower/inaccurate reimbursement rates. If that happens, your rates won’t then match your true cost of care because your patient diagnoses are not correctly identified or coded.

Ensure accurate coding and improve productivity

Avoid incorrect risk scores and reimbursement rates by employing an analytics solution.  With the right tools, you can conduct automated retrospective reviews and enable more accurate and thorough prospective coding according to your true “illness burden” – in real-time and at the point of care.

Also, avoid any dreaded “year-end rush” to see patients with unconfirmed diagnoses by investing now in a solution to help you improve the quality and completeness of your submitted data, as well as the quality of care you provide.

NextGen Healthcare can help. Our Talix Coding InSight solution, which integrates with your NextGen® Ambulatory EHR, enables easy workflow integration and improved user productivity. See how we can take the burden, inaccuracy, and inefficiency out of the equation – while enabling better quality care.

See a 10-15% Improvement in RAP Scores Using Talix Coding InSight with your NextGen Ambulatory EHR.

Want to learn more, watch our webinar! You will walk away with valuable information on:

  • The new Talix Coding InSight tool within the NextGen Ambulatory EHR
  • Details of RAPS data submission deadline
  • How Talix Coding InSight can improve risk scores
  • Discover howPTalix Coding InSight can optimize your reimbursements

View our webinar here – RAPS Data Submission: Leveraging Coding Analytics to Optimize Risk Scores & Reimbursements.