Today, nearly everyone – and every company – participates in social media. Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind when sharing on social media to keep yourself – and your healthcare employer safe.

Keep it personal

When posting on social media, make it clear that your posts are personal (rather than on behalf of your employer) and your opinions are your own. Ultimately, you’re in control of what you post on your personal social media outlets. Help ensure your online presence is a positive one by posting carefully and thoughtfully – and choosing your friends and followers wisely.

Secure sensitive information

Sensitive information (particularly anything found on internal networks, personal information about clients or employees, confidential information, or HIPAA-sensitive material) should not be shared online.

Think about what is behind you in that workday selfie – is a computer monitor with proprietary, PHI, or PII displayed? Review any photo taken during work hours for information that your employer would not want shared outside the organization. Finally, check to see if your employer has a policy in place about social media usage overall or about posting photos of the company’s premises and property on public forums.

Think twice before your post

Emotions run high on some topics—like politics or religion. Be mindful of others’ opinions, even if you don’t agree. Also, don’t respond to an offensive or negative post by a client or competitor. You can’t win, so don’t play that game.

Be an ambassador

A good rule of thumb is to always act as an advocate and ambassador for your employer, but never as the organization’s “voice”– unless, of course, you’re the organization’s social media manager. If you see social media activity related to your employer that you think is inappropriate or undesirable, contact your organization’s experts in HR and/or PR. These folks can help you address issues or offer guidance on executing appropriate damage control, when needed.

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