Healthcare is everywhere. You can’t turn on the TV, read a blog (like this one…), or listen to a podcast without hearing about the latest trends in our ever-evolving healthcare environment.

Not only is healthcare a prominent topic at the national level, but it hits close to home, too. In the Spring, I wrote a response to the question “Why do we do what we do at NextGen?” where I shared how my son’s cardiac surgeries serve as a driving force in both my personal and professional life, a story that simply echoes many of the personal reasons that drive the passionate people in our industry.

And in terms of company, I discussed our goal of expanding focus from reactively caring for the sick to proactively addressing overall wellness and prevention. This greater goal is lofty, indeed, but the promotion of well-care is an objective that NextGen Healthcare is committed to achieving.

I write this because I want us to be known as an organization squarely focused on healthcare. Sure, we create software and cloud-based solutions, but I don’t see our technology as what we do, it’s simply how we do what we do.  Our solutions harness technology allowing physicians to better focus on the practice of medicine and spend less time on the business of medicine. Today, the business of medicine is cumbersome, time-intensive and is increasingly taking physicians away from providing personalized, patient care. Being a physician is demanding and often stressful. We at NextGen Healthcare aim to allow physicians to do what they do best, allowing us to ease the burden whenever possible.

As practices become increasingly technologically savvy, the addition of the cloud-based solutions of Entrada, Inc. to the NextGen Healthcare family allows providers to be nimble and mobile as they treat patients, resulting in an increase in productivity and a more rewarding patient-provider experience. And our recent acquisition of the physician-founded EagleDream Health, Inc. will offer intuitive analytics and actionable intelligence to improve the provider experience, improve patient outcomes, lower the cost of care and enable a positive  patient experience.

These newest additions to our portfolio are meaningful steps on our passionate journey to deliver the capabilities and solutions that allow practices and physicians to focus less on running their business and more on their top priority – patients and great clinical outcomes.

Changes in healthcare show no signs of slowing down and the movement towards value-based care is here to stay. We at NextGen Healthcare are proud to continue supporting our clients and the quadruple aim of enhancing both the patient and provider experience, improving clinical outcomes, and lowering the cost of care.