Nationwide health data sharing seems impossible. It’s the crux of the interoperability challenge. Every practice wants to thrive in the value-based care models of today – but, it’s not easy. Embracing the concept of sharing data is a must do in today’s environment. Data sharing is a real possibility with the Carequality framework.

Creating a common interoperability framework

Carequality brings together the healthcare industry by providing a national-level, consensus-built, common interoperability framework (dubbed the Carequality Interoperability Framework). It enables data exchange between and among health data sharing networks and connects a diverse group of representatives, including:

  • Electronic health record partners
  • Record locator service providers
  • Other types of existing networks from the private sector and government

Using this framework, data can better flow between and among networks, platforms, and geographies, much like the telecommunications industry did for linking cell phone networks.

Obtain historical patient data the easier way

Powered by Surescripts’ nationwide network, and built on the Carequality Interoperability Framework, the National Record Locator Service (NRLS) gives users a fast and easy way to acquire historical patient visit locations and retrieve clinical records, regardless of geography or electronic health record system.

Today, the service includes 240 million patients across 4 billion (and growing) interactions between those patients and members of their care team.

The NextGen Share interface to the Surescripts NRLS is built upon the Carequality framework. Both NextGen and Surescripts are Carequality implementers. In fact, NextGen Healthcare was one of the first vendors to partner with Carequality.

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